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Online CPD for Teachers with our artistic director

If you're looking for the right show, workshop or creative activity for your students then look no further

I used to be a drama teacher and examiner for A-levels and

know how hard it can be to find an affordable show or workshop that

will benefit students and aid teaching practice.


Whether your students are just discovering theatre and texts for the first time or are further into their love of performance our productions are accessible for all.

With so much emphasis on writing about live theatre in current specifications we aim to create shows that are designed to be easy to analyse and offer free study packs and post-show discussions to help focus students and identify key aspects to write about whilst encouraging personal response to what students experience.


We offer:

Private in school performances

From £300 for up to 40 students 

Over 40 students are charged at £5 per student up to £750 (90 students)

Over 90 students the price stays at £750


Private performances in one of our historic church venues

From £350 for up to 40 students

Over 40 students are at £5 per student

Teachers free

Discounts at public performances

Group ticket offers available (prices vary depending on venue)​


We work individually with each school to tailor a workshop that suits. All workshops are delivered by one of our trained professional practitioners, who have performed with the company, or myself to ensure students get a high quality experience.

We offer:

Production based workshops

Students will work as an actor, unlocking the text and characters in a practical way just as we do in rehearsals for our shows.

Workshops will begin with a practical warm-up to prepare the body and voice for work whilst introducing them to key themes of the play

Students will then start to work in more detail bringing the text and characters to life focusing on either specific, key moments or the whole arc of the plot depending on your requirements.

Each workshop ends with opportunity to perform either as a whole ensemble or in smaller groups

Skill-based workshops

With a focus on either voice, movement and physicality or a combination of these in character or story-telling workshops, our skills workshops again take a practical approach to develop ability, confidence and technique.

Workshops will begin with a practical warm-up to prepare the body and/or voice for work. Students will then start to work in more detail on the identified performance skill/s depending on your requirements. All work is practical.

Each workshop ends with opportunity to share work either as a whole ensemble or in smaller groups consolidating learning from the workshop.

Our skill-based workshops help to support curriculum learning at older key stages, assisting exam preparation or performance ability and can offer a more general first encounter with performance for younger students.

Prices (based on 30 students)


2 HOURS: £200

FULL DAY: £450

If you are booking tickets for one of our productions either at one of our historic or theatre venues or as an in-school performance, workshop prices are reduced to:

1 HOUR: £100

2 HOURS: £180

FULL DAY (5 hours): £400

If you are looking to book more than 1 workshop please contact us for further discounted rates.

I am certain you won’t be disappointed!

-Sarah Slator. Artistic Director

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Artistic Director:

Sarah Slator

Associate Artistic Director:

Ethan Taylor

Associate Artistic Director

(Resident Composer):

Simon Stallard

Tel: 07732 253311

Email: info@thisismytheatre.com

This company is based in the United Kingdom.

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