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Invite your visitors to journey through stories with a promenade performance at your venue


Our promenade performances are a magical way to experience theatre throughout your venue.

Audience meet characters and hear their tales as they experience theatre up close and in various locations.

Narnia-with permission by the C.S Lewis estate we bring the story of Narnia to life! Audiences play hide and seek with Lucy and journey through the wardrobe to meet Mr Tumnus, Beaver, The White Queen and of course Aslan-though they must watch out for wolves on their way!

Packages start from £2200 

Once Upon A Time-Fairytales are told first hand by Gretel, The Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella and Jack as audiences meet these much-loved characters at your venue.

Packages start from £2000 

"Over 12 days we saw almost 4000 visitors experience the show and were so pleased by the response to it. It made our Christmas events at the park even more magical"

-Event co-ordinator Tilgate Park, Crawley

Have an idea for a promenade show? We can also create a bespoke show for your venue so contact us to tell us your idea!

What do you get?

  • A unique performance to suit your venue and delight audiences of all ages

  • A professional, high quality walk-through show which lasts approximately 20 minutes

  • Magical settings for each character (which can be adapted to suit your budget)

  • Marketing resources and support from our team

  • Ticketing via our website and box office if required

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