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Sarah Slator

-Theatre and Movement Director



In addition to her work with This is my Theatre Sarah enjoys working with other companies as a freelance director and movement director.


Sarah has also developed a unique personalised approach to emotional connectivity in performance for actors which she now teaches to professional and training actors across the globe. To find out more about EMA (Emotion Map Acting) Technique please click here


This Is My Theatre (Director)

A Christmas Carol. National Tour and residency at The Hawth Theatre. November-December 2023

Much Ado About Nothing/Robin Hood. National Tour. July-September 2023

Wuthering Heights/The Wind in the Willows. National Tour. April-June 2023

The Nutcracker and the Mouse-King. National Tour. November-December 2022

The Railway Children/Pride and Prejudice. National Tour July-September 2022

The Comedy of Errors/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. National Tour April-June 2022

The Snow Queen. National Tour and residency at The Hawth Theatre November-December 2021

The Secret Garden/Jane Eyre . National Tour July-September 2021

The Tempest/Treasure Island. National Tour April-June 2021

A Christmas Carol. National Tour and residency at The Hawth Theatre. December 2021

Macbeth. National Tour. October 2021

Halloween Ghost Stories. Digital. October 2021

The Three Musketeers. National Tour. August/September 2021

The Snow Queen/A Christmas Carol. National Tour. November/December 2020

The Wind in the Willows/The Importance of Being Earnest. National Tour. July-September 2019

Romeo and Juliet. National Tour. June 2019

Macbeth. National Tour. April-May 2019

Medieval Tales. Crawley. April 2019

A Norman's Tale. Horsham Year of Culture (promenade performance) April 2019

A Christmas Carol. National Tour. December 2018

The Importance of Being Earnest & Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. July/August 2018

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Touring May/June 2018

St George Crawley High Street, April 2018

A Christmas Carol. Touring. December 2017

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Brighton Open Air Theatre, September 2017

The Importance of Being Earnest. Brighton Open Air Theatre, September 2017

Macbeth. Touring. July/August 2017

The Tempest. Brighton Fringe Festival, May 2017

George and the Dragon. Crawley. April 2017

A Christmas Carol. Touring. December 2016

Romeo and Juliet Touring April & July 2016


Additional Skills:


Director: Frankenstein, Parkwood Theatres, November 2022

Director: Skellig, Parkwood Theatres, March 2022

Director: The Poppy Red. Parkwood Theatres. November 2021

Co-Director: Alice in Wonderland. The Hazlitt Theatre. September 2021

Director: Robin Hood. Parkwood Theatres. July 2021

Director/Movement Director: Treasure Island. Parkwood Theatres. March 2020

Movement Practitioner: Chichester Festival Theatre. 2018-2020

Choreographer: The Greatest Week. The Hawth Youth Theatre

Movement Director: In Flanders Fields. West Sussex Community Project. November 2019

Director: Aladdin. The Hawth Youth Theatre. August 2019

Director: Bugsy Malone. The Hawth Youth Theatre August 2018

Movement Director: Communicating Doors. Dir: Rebecca Gadsby. Leatherhead Rep. May 2018

Director: Music Through the Ages. Crawley Borough Council. The Hawth Theatre October 2017

Director: Beauty and the Beast (Disney Musical) Parkwood Theatres August 2017

Community Ensemble Resident Movement Director: 40 Years On. Dir: Daniel Evans, Chichester Festival Theatre April/May 2017 (production trailer link)

Event Co-ordinator: Imagi-Nation. School’s event. The Hawth Theatre April 2017

Director: An Ideal Husband. THAT Company. March 2017

Choreographer/Movement Director: Glamour Girl. Dir: Rebecca Gadsby. Quill & Inkling, September 2016

Youth Movement Director: 23 Submarines. Dir: Nancy Hirst, Icon Theatre, (Outdoor promenade) Chatham Riverside, September 2016

Assistant Director/Movement Director: The Jungle Book (International Tour) Dir: Philip Stevens. Chapterhouse Open Air Theatre Company, July 2016  

Assistant Director/Production Manager: Great Tangley Manor 1000 Years Son et Lumiere Celebration, Dir: Rebecca Gadsby, Great Tangley Manor, June 2016

Movement Director: Peter Pan Dir. Rebecca Gadsby. Chapterhouse Theatre Open Air Theatre Company, May 2016

Movement Director: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dir: Richard Main. Chapterhouse Open Air Theatre Company, May 2016

Movement Practitioner: Stumpwood, Cloudland Children & The Elementals. Icon Theatre, March 2016

Choreographer: Ariel Children’s Theatre Showcase. Dir: Marisha Jenkins, The Capitol Theatre, Oct 2015

Assistant Director/Movement Director: The Jungle Book. Dir: Philip Stevens. Chapterhouse Open Air Theatre Company, June 2015

Movement Director: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. Dir: Rebecca Gadsby, Chapterhouse Open Air Theatre Company, May 2015

Movement Director: The Secret Garden. Dir: Philip Stevens. Chapterhouse Open Air Theatre Company, May 2015

Director: With My Head In The Clouds. A Physical Theatre Film. May 2015

Director: For The Sins Of My Brother. R & D Workshop. April 2015 (video link)

Choreographer: Shut Up & Sit Down. A Physical Theatre Short. April 2015

Movement Director: Blue Stockings. Dir: Sarah Stephenson, GSA. March 2015

Movement Director: Titus Andronicus (Undergraduate Scenic Studies), GSA, Oct-Nov 2014

Guest Choreographer: Worthing Thunder Cheerleaders 2014-15 Season, Jul-Sept 2014

MA Creative Practice & Direction (Movement Direction & Choreography)

Introduction to Intimacy Coordination (Lead Educator: Lizzy Talbot)

BASCC, Basic Stage Combat accreditation in sword, knife & unarmed

BASCC Intermediate accreditation in rope & knife, unarmed & staff

BASCC Advance accreditation in broadsword, escrima, case of rapiers, french small sword

Frantic Assembly, Advanced Physical Theatre Techniques,

Stopgap Dance Company, Integrated Practice Training

NATD, Teaching accreditation, Contemporary Dance Grades 1-6,

Sussex University, Qualified Teaching Status, 2007-2008

Middlesex University, BA Drama & Theatre Studies with Performing Arts 2002-2005

Animal Studies

Character and Embodiment of Roles Techniques

Intimacy Direction

Lift and Physical Theatre Techniques


Contact Improvisation

Mask Technique

Puppetry Technique

Belly Dance


Contemporary Dance

Street/Hip Hop

Movement/Motif Notation

Full DBS

Licensed Chaperone

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Emotion Map Acting (EMA) Technique was developed in response to a need for actors to be simultaneously connected and distanced, authentic and sincere on stage night after night and, above all else, work without risk of a “character hangover”, qualities of an imagined reality impacting on their real life.

Developing personal Emotion Maps can be an effective tool for actors to find greater physical emotional connectivity in performance.

The technique uses theories of psychology and holistic approaches to acting and is a useful method within any actor's toolkit.

"Working as a movement director I became really interested in how the "lived" body, one that has a physical remembering of events and trauma, could influence connection to roles and in particular emotion within scenes, in a safe and effective way"-Sarah Slator. Creator of EMA.


This technique has a basis in psychology and treats the actor as an individual and holistic performer

Sarah teaches workshops at both educational institutions and online. For further details please contact:

Emotion Map Acting (EMA) Technique

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