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“By the pricking of our thumbs, something wicked this way comes…”

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Originally produced in 2017 our production of Macbeth returned in 2019 for a stint at Brighton Fringe as part of a larger tour where it received rave reviews including five stars from both Broadway Baby and Fringe Guru. The show was also chosen to tour as part of the Signal Fires programme, an initiative focussed on developing touring models during the pandemic.   


In our 90-minute adaptation of the text the witches are the driving force. They become the other characters in Macbeth’s story before the audience’s eyes and there is a sense that he is manipulated at each pivotal moment by the three. Lady Macbeth as a result is not the stereotypical “evil” counterpart to the false thane. There is a sadness to her in our version, a sense that like her husband, acts spiral beyond her control. 


In all our productions live music is a key feature and Macbeth is no different. Drawing on the play’s setting on the setting of the play Gàidhlig song accompanies the events of the story.

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Production Pack

“A well-conceived and stylish adaptation, confident in its voice…Of all the Macbeths I’ve encountered this might just be the most evocative and most thrilling!”

Fringe Guru, *****

“A magical adaptation gives life and music to this classic tale!”

Broadway Baby, *****

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About the Company

Formed in 2016, we are a Sussex-based theatre company that tours nationwide. We pride ourselves on creating work for all spaces from historic buildings and churches to purpose built theatres and open-air venues.

Whilst the main aim of the company is to produce classical plays and literature that are accessible to all, particularly those living in rural communities, as specialists in making performances for all spaces, we also create commissioned works to bring to life ideas of venues and engage visitors.


We are delighted to work regularly with various charities and privately owned buildings to offer communities high quality theatre locally.


Our first production was Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, performed initially at St Botolph's Church, cared for by The Churches Conservation Trust (The CCT) nestled in the South Downs near Steyning. Due to the popularity of the performance we then toured Sussex and Surrey with The CCT later that same year and haven't looked back since!


We love the challenge of working in different spaces whether conventional or not so are always on the look out for somewhere new or different to perform. In 2021 we will work with a variety of new spaces as well as returning to those familiar. 

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, This is my Theatre grew during 2020-21 and so we created TIMT to manage our growing number of large scale and purpose-built theatre venues. It's still us and audiences get the same great shows-they're just BIGGER!

The Company

“A must see for theatre fans and an education in how to make Shakespeare relevant again.”

Binge Fringe

“Stunning, captivating, awe-inspiring and utterly worth seeing!”

Ingenue Magazine


About the Music


In all of our productions live music is a key feature and Macbeth is no different. Drawing on the setting of the play Gàidhlig song accompanies the events of the story.


“Folk singing represents one of the oldest forms of storytelling; as always the songs you hear in this production have been researched, selected and arranged to bring a little of their heritage and atmosphere to the world of our play. Macbeth is a story of a chaotic time; peoples’ lives play out in harsh conditions, heightening the peaks and depths of emotion, passion and uncertainty. These themes are present in the lyrics of folk songs from across the genre, but arguably their exploration is most prominent and dramatic in those from the Gàidhlig tradition, which has grown through extremes of adversity and triumph.” 

- Resident Composer Simon Stallard

About the Show

The show runs at 90 minutes.


The witches will begin a pre-show of song approximately 10 minutes prior to the start time of the show as the audience take their seats.


We are able to put an interval at around 40 minutes if required or provide a post-show discussion with the cast. If you would like either of these please let us know on booking.

The Music
The Show

“Power, ambition, murder, blood - a cracking performance!”

Brighton Source

“One of the finest performances I have ever seen… An exceptional triumph!”

Sussex Local Magazine


Technical Requirements


We would require a simple lighting rig set up with white, red and blue washes available.

No part of our set will be need to be screwed into your floor. The set comprises of drapes with Gàidhlig inscriptions written across them which are either able to be hung from your rig or can exist as self supported screens.


We ask for a technician to be provided on the day and will have our own Stage Manager/ Operator on tour with us.





A marketing pack including the following will be provided for use by all venues:


  • Press release

  • Reviews

  • Previous production images

  • Video Trailer

  • Information about company and cast


We will support all venues through press and social media marketing (both digital and paper copy). We will also contact schools/colleges local to venues to encourage attendance at performances.


We can also provide tailored flyers, posters and banners.

Tech Requirements

“A punchy, pacy Sottish Play that is designed to be accessible and enjoyable, and their success was written on the faces of the near-capacity crowd of all ages… A musical piece, a drama and a finely distilled poem!”

BN1 Magazine

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In terms of the financial side of things we are ideally looking for a box office split with a minimum guarantee but we are more than happy to tailor this to each venue. The guarantee helps cover cast/creatives wages, fuel expenses, accommodation as well as marketing, distribution and further admin costs.

We suggest a ticket price between £14-18 for this production though are happy to be guided by individual venues.


We are happy to offer concession discounts and group discounts inline with your venue’s rates.

07732 253311


Twitter: @thisismytheatre | Instagram: @thisismytheatre | Facebook: /thisismytheatre

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