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Big Changes at TIMT HQ


Some of you may be wondering, particularly if you live local to TIMT HQ, why our beautiful Paddock space which usually looks like this...


Is currently looking a bit more like this...


Well, plans are afoot...

Work is underway, with spades well and truly in the ground,  on developing the site at TIMT HQ to include some brand new additions in the coming year.

These will include:

  • A brand new rehearsal space

  • Storage units for staging, costume & props

  • Office space for the TIMT team

  • A renovated and restored open-air performance space

The new rehearsal space will allow us to accommodate grander sets, larger casts and bigger ideas for our future touring productions with the increased storage helping us to organise, order and better maintain the arsenal of props we have accumulated over the years (whether that's life-sized reindeer or a gigantic inflatable bauble!) The added office space will allow our team to better work on bringing our much-loved touring productions to the stage over the coming years and where better to start than in our own backyard with our beloved Paddock receiving a fresh look as a performance-tailored open-air venue ready by 2025.

We couldn't be more excited for what is to come and, whilst we appreciate the inconvenience of taking the Paddock out of action as a venue across Spring/Summer 2024, we hope to be back bigger and better in the not too distant future!

In the meantime...

BR.02B Site Plan Extract As Proposed.jpg

You can watch the progression as it happens!

That's right! We have set up cameras around the site and will update the timelapse video on a weekly basis so that you can follow developments as they occur. 

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