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2021 has a lot to offer

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Booking April-June
Treasure Island
Booking July-September 2021

If you're looking for a magical theatrical performance for your venue in 2021 then look no further!

Hosting a production couldn't be simpler. 

Show buy-out: For £2000 you buy the show outright and any money taken from ticket sales is the venues

For venues booking multiple performances in the same year we offer 10% off each additional performance

For "small venues" (under 150) we offer buy-outs at a discounted prices-please contact us with your venue capacity for further details.

Box Office Split: We are happy to consider a percentage of the box office takings or even a combination of box office and fee as long as our costs can be met by our share of the ticket sales. Please contact us to discuss this option.


Please note: Prices for performances outside of mainland UK will be negotiated to include travel costs.

What do you get?

  • Up to 50 x A3 posters

  • Up to 100 x A4 posters

  • Up to 5000 x flyers

  • Up to 500 paper tickets

  • One 0.5 x 1m vinyl banner, where required (We print our own so if alternative sizes or more are required please get let us know)

  • 2 x A2 vinyl posters, where required (We print our own so if alternative sizes or more are required please get let us know)

  • Overprinting on all the above, using your logo

  • Online ticketing from This is my Theatre website (for further details see below)

  • Telephone ticket sales via our box office number

  • Front of house management on the day of the performance if required



A fantastically staged production that takes care of the venue. We use matting to ensure minimal damage to surfaces and always take the greatest of care as we recognise the importance of our surroundings-that's why we are considered by many to be the best!


In 2020 we were the only company to tour 3 productions between August and December which means we are experienced in delivering safe productions both indoor and outdoor under Covid-19. 

We can help and support venues in ensuring events meet government requirements and completely manage productions so you don't have to worry!

Where we have sold tickets and are managing front of house we will set up socially distanced seating according to the groupings of ticket sales, either as grouped chairs or socially distanced picnic spaces for open air shows.



A bold statement but true! Because all of our shows have live music and song and all our lighting is battery operated. We don't need power so if you've got the perfect spot in your venue don't let a lack of power supply stop you from booking a show to perform there! We go where others simply can't!



We can provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance upon request.



A detailed risk assessment of the performance to be used in conjunction with venue risk assessments.



We arrange and pay for all company accommodation and transport. 



We provide you with all the show information, photos and press releases, as well as directly market via our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will also contact local and national press to support all shows.


Don't be! We perform in all but dangerous conditions and haven't cancelled a show yet due to weather! We've delayed the start time to allow for heavy showers/thunder to pass but have most definitely performed in the rain on many occasion! If venues are able to provide an alternative indoor space we are more than happy to move location too-because we have easy to erect and flexible staging for all our shows this isn't a problem for us at all! If a show has to be cancelled due to the weather we will happily reschedule the performance for another day. We just ask that if you have sold tickets you inform customers, (we'll take care of any sold by This is my Theatre) and honour everyone’s tickets –hopefully we can even sell a few more before we return too!


What do we ask of you?


This is my Theatre requires the following from all venues: 


  • Where required to obtain a Temporary Events Notice (TEN - for events with fewer than 499 people and not exceeding 96 hours) from the local authority. You will need to apply for this a minimum of 10 working days before the performance. A Premises License is required for events with over 499 people and must be applied for 8 weeks prior to the event.​


  • To supply a suitable space for a performance. Our staging for 2021 is 6m wide by 2m deep plus 2m minimum for social distance between stage and audience. Please note shows that advertise stage combat (Treasure Island) will need room to accommodate this-we don't want any accidents after all! If you're unsure about the size of the space please drop us an email with photographs and we'd be happy to advise. If an outdoor space it's useful to bear in mind the orientation of the sun in relation to the site, proximity of roads, running water or mature trees, distance from the car park and toilet facilities, drainage, slope, acoustics, presence of animals - and access for audience and our company van.

  • To not to exceed the agreed audience capacity.


  • To operate a box office at the entrance to the site on the day of the performance where possible. If this isn't possible then we can arrange this for you.


  • To provide stewards for the performance site, in addition to those operating the box office.
    NB - Stewards must be on duty throughout the performance.


  • For shows with intervals stewards are also required to monitor the stage throughout the interval.


  • To supply a secure room (not necessarily near the performance area) for the cast to use as a dressing room. They will only use it before and after the show, and during an interval - not during the performance itself. 


  • To supply light refreshments, including tea/coffee, for the This is my Theatre team where possible. Drinking water must be available. If this isn't possible please let us know before so we can bring supplies-some of our venues are in the most rural locations so we try to come prepared! 

  • We ask for a non-refundable deposit on all bookings of £100 to secure the date and cover initial administration and marketing costs. 

  • On box office split arrangements we may ask for a guarantee of up to £1000. If you have already hosted successful events at your venue we are happy to waive the guarantee in 2021!  Guarantees are priced according to capacity of venue and, as we work with a lot of small charities, the financial ability of the hosting group. Please email us to discuss, particularly if you are a small venue or charity organisation-we are happy to negotiate and would hate for this to put you off having a show!





We offer a free, secure, online ticketing service via our website to enable customers to pay for tickets with credit/debit card or by PayPal.  

The customer receives an email confirmation with their tickets ready to print or keep on their phones for use on the day of the show.

The system also produces a door list for each venue so if anyone loses tickets they can still be admitted.


How does it work?



  • The Venue decides, in conjunction with This is my Theatre on an allocation of tickets to be made available for sale online. For example we're allocated 150 out of a capacity of 300 tickets to sell online. The Venue now has 150 physical tickets to sell.

  • We then keep in touch throughout the sale period.

  • If either party sells all of their allocation and there is still time before the performance date we can redistribute the remaining tickets held by the other to ensure that together we sell as many as possible! 

  • Any unsold tickets are made available on the door on the day 




  • After the performance we will email you a breakdown of sales via our box office (both phone and website sales)


  • We can then decide how best to reconcile: either we can send you ALL  money taken by This is my Theatre and then invoice you in the normal way; or This is my Theatre can keep all the ticketing money we have taken and then submit an invoice adjusted accordingly.


Booking Fee:


This is my Theatre charges the customer a £2 booking fee which includes:


  • Our administration costs


  • A percentage of each transaction to be paid to the online payment providers 


We keep this separate so that each ticket can be accounted for on its FULL face value. This keeps the accounts much simpler-which makes our office team happy (and we like them to be happy!)


"How do we book?" we hear you ask!

We have a simple online form which gives us all the information we need to start putting things in motion for you to have one (of more) of our amazing shows in 2021. Once we have received your enquiry we'll be in touch to confirm dates and details. So what are you waiting for?

Want something unique for your venue?

We have a range of shows that can be booked out of tour and have worked with many venues to create commissioned performances unique to their spaces and events.

If you have an idea get in touch and let's see how we can help! 

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