EMA (Emotion Map Acting) Technique

Emotion Map Acting (EMA) Technique was developed in response to a need for actors to be simultaneously connected and distanced, authentic and sincere on stage night after night and, above all else, work without risk of a “character hangover”, qualities of an imagined reality impacting on their real life.

Developing personal Emotion Maps can be an effective tool for actors to find greater physical emotional connectivity in performance.

The technique uses theories of psychology and holistic approaches to acting and is a useful method within any actor's toolkit.

"Working as a movement director I became really interested in how the "lived" body, one that has a physical remembering of events and trauma, could influence connection to roles and in particular emotion within scenes, in a safe and effective way"-Sarah Slator. Creator of EMA.


This technique has a basis in psychology and treats the actor as an individual and holistic performer

Sarah teaches workshops at both educational institutions and online. For further details please contact: sarahslatordirection@gmail.com

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Image credit: Numenmaa et al

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