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Director: Sarah Slator
Adapted for stage by ethan taylor

Resident composer: Simon stallard

Junior ensembles at The Hawth Theatre

Team A: 

Delilah Skyrme

Elodie Hitchcock

Fleur Hammett

Isla MacOwan

Isobella Nicholson

James Hill

Jessica Tomkins

Nia Harrington-Benton

Ruby Fulco

Sebastian Oglaza

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Team B: 

Arrietty Whale

Ben Sandeman

Constance Whale

Elizabeth Whale

Iona Jenkins

Isla Miles

Liam Watts

Lois Sawtell

Milli Thornton

Liam Watts

Team C: 

Abigail lewis

Amelia Duncan

Amelie-Eve Idle

Annie Hitchcock

Emma Watson

Holly Titmuss

Liam Watts

Mischa Bennett

Stanley Bell

Thalia Kaplanis

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Plot Summary-The Snow Queen 

“I can give her no greater power than she has already. Don’t you see how strong she is? If she cannot herself obtain access to the Snow Queen, and remove the glass fragments from little Kay, we can do nothing to help her”
When her friend is stolen by the cold hearted Snow Queen, Gerda must find the strength and courage to travel across the lands to save him. An array of characters along the way will guide and aid her journey but can Gerda bring the warmth of summer back to her friend?

Snow Queen title poster_edited.jpg