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Touring May-June 2022

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Director: Sarah Slator
Adapted for stage by Sarah slator

Resident composer: Simon stallard

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 

To see a rabbit is nothing remarkable… To hear it comment upon the time is quite remarkable… To follow it down a rabbit-hole into a strange new world not knowing how you’ll get out again is something extraordinarily remarkable indeed!


As Alice encounters the weird, wacky and wonderful characters who live in the world at the other end of the rabbit-hole, she’ll experience an adventure like never before! Finding her way home again won’t be an easy task and it will definitely make her rethink all her thoughts she has previously thought!


We invite you to join us for a trip into this well-loved tale, based upon the original novels written by Lewis Carroll and specially adapted for the stage. With live music and characters you won’t forget, Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland will engage and delight audiences of all ages.


The Comedy of Errors

Antipholus and his slave Dromio are searching for Antipholus’ brother Antipholus, who was lost in a shipwreck. Anitpholus (the one who was lost) also has a slave called Dromio, just to confuse things a little. Then to confuse things a little more, Antipholus and Dromio are the identical twin brothers of Antipholus (the one who was lost) and Dromio, but no-one knows this in Ephasus where they all end up.


So you can probably see how people might get confused and mistaken identity could occur…


Join us for a magical summer of theatre! 

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